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video-emotionsInformation, Wiss. & Praxis Magazine | HH University
Indexing of Emotions in Videos
Knautz et al.

Object of our empirical research study are depicted and provoked emotions in videos. Are users able to index such emotions consistently? Are the users’ votes usable for emotional video retrieval? Read more

informationDGI – German Institute for Information Science
Information Retrieval with
Unstructured Data

William Sen

A business’ need for knowledge and information from the Social Web has increased. Even thought there is a huge amount of data available on the Social Web, much of it has no standardized structure and is therefore unsuitable for social media analysis and data mining. Read more

Forum ConceptInstitut für e-Management (Research Institute)

Concept for Determining Relevance of Internet Forums and Their Postings

January, 2012
D. Grimm / Lead Researcher: William Sen

In this paper, a concept for the development of KPIs for measuring Internet forums and their postings will be presented.Read more

Institut für e-Management (Research Institute)

Search Engine Marketing /
Search Engine Optimization
Natural Listings with Focus on Google

March 12th, 2004
William Sen

Will link popularity of search engines in the future no longer aim to merely list quantitative information to the users, but to gain the satisfaction through collection of relevant information? Will this mean that website operators lose the ability through the use of certain methods to influence their listing in search engines? This paper examines these questions. Read more

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