Here is a selection out of many of speeches, presentations and talks I gave for different organizations:

big-data-securityMarch 16th, 2015

Deutsche Telekom Talk, CeBIT

Digitalization Made in Germany:
“Big Data & Security – How Much Freedom Do We Give Up For Security?”


March 3rd, 2015
Camp!xx Week

Communication Day
“You are Only an Algorithm, Too!”
> campixx-week.de

william-sen-smak14September 14th, 2014
7th Social Media Conference

University of Applied Sciences Cologne

“Opening Speech by Dr. William Sen”
> social-media-konferenz.de

bundeswehrJune 25th, 2014
Govermedia 2014

Academy of the Armed Forces Germany for Info. & Com. (AkBwInfoKom)
“Importance of the Researcher in Social Media Monitoring”

william-sen-chryslerJune 25th, 2013
Fiat Chrysler Conference
Effect: Dealer Business School

“The Influence of Social Media on Automobile Companies


May 15th, 2013
Raytheon Symposium

“Surveillance of the Social Web:
Concepts & Technology”
> raytheon.com


September 12th, 2013
6th Social Media Conference
University of Applied Sciences Cologne

“Opening Speech by Dr. William Sen”
> social-media-konferenz.de

William SenMarch 23rd, 2012
DGI Conference – Community for Information & Knowledge

Social Media and Web Science
“Information Retrieval with
Unstructured Data”

william-sen-tuevJune 21st, 2012
TÜV Rheinland
Marketing Campus

“BIG DATA: Making Little Out of a Lot ”
about TÜV Rheinland

william-sen-arcplanetApril 1st, 2011
Business Intelligence Solutions

Social Media Monitoring Process
“The Dark Side of the Web”

infoconomyOctober 29th, 2010
infoconomy Symposium

Piracy in Information Markets
“The Dark Side of the Web”

> infoconomy.de

junge-unionJune 26th, 2010

Young Union (Junge Union)

“Illegal Downloads and Their Impact on Our Society”
> about the Junge Union

william-sen-cologneJuni 13th, 2010
Cologne Commons

University of Cologne

“Do We Need a Copyright Law 2.0?”


Chamber of CommerceSeptember 15th, 2009
Chamber of Industry and Commerce

The Interactive Net

“Adjusting Marketing to the Web 2.0″

> ihk-niederrhein.de

william-sen-piratesAugust 8th, 2009
Creative Commons Day

Free Culture / Pirates Hamburg

“The World of the Software Pirates”

> about the Pirates

william-sen-infospeedMarch, 2008

CRM and Web 2.0

“The new Power of the Consumer”

designforumJune 24th, 2007
Designforum Freiburg

Design University of Freiburg

Open Source:
“Dances of the Codes”

william-sen-cebitMarch, 2007

Customer Intelligence

“How Search Engines will Affect the Behaviour of the Consumer in the Future”

subway-koelnOctober 24th, 2007
WDR World of Listening

SUBWAY Club Köln

Digital Underground Performance
> wdr.de

William SenJanuary 10th, 2007
University of Dusseldorf
Special Lecturing with William Sen
“Are Software Pirates Real Criminals?”
at the Faculty of Information Sciences


william-sen-smak06October 26th, 2006
Web 2.0 Business Conference

University of Applied Sciences Cologne
Blogging is Beautiful

“The New Customer Journey”

Book Related Presentations
From 1999 to 2005 I conducted a huge amount of readings, especially from the bestselling book Hackerland, and later Hackertales, and NO COPY in libraries, public events and so forth…

Here is just a small selection of the main events I could gather and remember:

william-sen-no-copyApril 6th, 2006
NO COPY The Movie

First Release and Premiere

Movie, Reading and Talk with
William Sen, Writer and Producer


more coming soon …

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